hello~~~~ hello~~~

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Hello world!!! This a little person talking about random stuff….please take good care of me!!!! ^o^

lolz…Anyway, life’s been really busy and crazy!!! Like I had to take the ACT even though I’m a small 7th grader!!!! T~T Boy it was crazy though!!!! lolz XD

Well I’m gunna go play sims so you might as well just read my post before this one and learn about stalking….cuz i actually witnessed someone do that….lolz



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Okay for most kpop lovers….(mostly guys) that SNSD released a new song called Oh….and it’s pretty addicting….

Okay what should I talk about? Oh I know!!! “The Subject of Stalking.”

Okay most people these days has a facebook..(am I wrong?) and you can see your “friends” info and “learn” more info about them….plus you may see lots of pics of them. Let’s say you see an older hot dude at your school and you talk (just say hi) to him and later you find him on facebook and become friends. Then you get to see some personal info about them and stuff like that and you save their pics on your ipod, comp, phone, etc etc. Then you officially become their stalker. (Just without the following and videotaping part XD) Now for you EXTREME stalkers, you would actually look at their personal info and LITERALLY MEMORIZE it ALL. Now if you think hard, it’s kinda freaky….PERIOD…Oh and the EXTREME stalkers will have a CLOSE UP photo of them in your phone, ipod, comp, etc etc’s wallpaper, background etc. Plus you would actually follow the poor dude….

This is how facebook can be your source of stalking…..

*Warning* Young children should not have a facebook, look at people’s personal info, and stalk them. If they do,  then please PLEASE restain them….thank you….lolz

(I wonder how i went from Oh to stalking and to lil kids needing to be restrained….lolz)

im soo bad (lolz)

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Okay…I’m using a school computer to post a little quick blog ‘cuz I needed to tell you guys that I might not be able to blog often beacuse I’m busy….(reading manga…lolz) but I’ll try to blog often~~~ ^o^

adios for now~~~ =D

Cute suzune~~~

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Okay I was reading Kamichama Karin (Chu too!!!) and I came across this cute picture of Suzune…I had to photoshop it though >.<  I had to…(unless you wanted the WHOLE page from the manga XD)

 <–you like??? I LOVE!!!

Oh another thing to be happy about….big bang is BACK!!!! (for the FILA photoshoot….but still good!!!! ^o^)

Stuff abt 2009

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Okay 2009 wasn’t a really good year since the economy is like >.<, but there are some good things that happened…like space camp for an example….or the fact that we are still alive right now…one thing I know is that I believe we can change the economy and save the earth if WE ALL put some effort into everything…I’m not sure about economy because of a lot of reasons (XD) but if we stop doing stuff like using credit all the time and pay our debts we can (MAYBE) help the economy…hopefully~~~ >.<

Anyways, 2010 I want the new year to be the repeat of 2008 (because of big bang…..=D) and a good safe year (and less stressful)~~~ ^o^

Merry Christmass~~~

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

“Glory to God on the highest and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.” <–frm the Bible…for you non-christians…I’m really sorry…..

“Merry merry Christmas, sweet sweet Christmas” <—frm 2pm’s cake song for paris baguette

here’s a link for the mv of the SEOUL song from super junior and snsd (girl’s generation):


Anyway, Christmas is like over now, but hopefully everyone had a very safe and happy Christmas…I did~~~ well only because when I came to my computer I saw 5 hot guys saying “Meryy Christmas” to me….(its my wallpaper of big bang….hahahahahahaha….) here, I’ll post it up…(I got it thanks to www.bigbangkorean.wordpress.com <–they need ALL the credit for this little treasure….I’m probably going to keep this until like summer….lol..)


Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Christmas everyone~~~ (unless you’re like in the eastern part of the world…it was Christmas yesterday….Merry (late) Christmas~~~ <–for people in the eastern part of  the world!!! =D)

My neww viiddd~~~

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Sorry I didn’t update my blog yesterday…I was busy chattin’~~~~ This video is Gdragon’s This Love (from Big Bang’s ‘Big Show’ concert =D) its TOTALLY AWESOME, I HAD to make it into a song…Peoples, I recomend that you’ll actually comment on my posts and give me ideas of what to talk about…the only reason my posts are sooo short is because I literally don’t have ANYTHING to talk about…

So please be nice and give me comments of what to talk about…

Oh yeah…since today was all GD out, I officially say that December 23th is GD day~~~ =D (It’s a day when i GD it all out~~)

 <–a tiny gift from me to you~~~ =D (this is b4 heartbreaker days…I call it baskinrobins days….)

I’ll eventually find a day for each boy so don’t you worry~~~ plus on each of their birthday/day, I’ll give out a special pic~~

Oh and on August 19 (big bang’s anniversary) I’ll try to do SOMETHING~~~

In the meantime, ciao