World Cup!!!! (soccer)

Kekekeke~~~~ World Cup is on!!! For South Africa vs. Mexico (last time I checked that is….) they were 1 to 1!!! XD I probably

just saw the beginning…..Tomorrow, I’m sooo watching South Korea’s match!!! (대한민국!!!! for you kor pplz) Other than that I really have nothing to say…I mean its summer break and it’s usually boring..and most people are gone doing stuff.

What I’m doing over the summer is swim team!!!! (yes I’m a swimmer…I’m a fish…eat me..XD) so yea..Well I’m very bored right now. Oh!! That reminds me!!! I went to and I adopted some…so plllleeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee click om em and help me level them up!!!! arigato~~~~ ^^″><img  <–Chi″><img  <–Ichigo-tan″><img  <–Icing-chan″><img  <–Kaito-kun″><img  <–Miku-chan″><img  <–Usagi


~ by gaholove on June 11, 2010.

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