Major stuff that is needed to do

So lately I’ve been neglecting lots of stuff….then I noticed that I need to add tags to my posts so that more people can come to this site and read my funny humor (hehehehe) and my usual idks…hmmm what should I call them? I guess the name would be “Daily Rambles”….I guess that’s okay~~~ ^o^ so yeah….I’ve been mostly on facebook…..chyea….Oh if whoever is bored and reading my “Daily Rambles” (and have a facebook) you should join this group called Hey you in the (ie) blue shirt!!!! BEHAVE!! (the link if you’re too lazy to search it up [me…hehehehehe] —->!/group.php?gid=301937423173&ref=ts) Oh yeah, I forgot to add to my “Daily Rambles” that people who likes kpop (MEEEE~~~~ ^o^) should search in youtube, xsilvermercuryx and look for a cover likkeeeee —> sorry sorry by super junior orrrr haru haru by big bang cuz its really good….(to me…) so yeah….


~ by gaholove on February 15, 2010.

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