Merry Christmass~~~

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

“Glory to God on the highest and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.” <–frm the Bible…for you non-christians…I’m really sorry…..

“Merry merry Christmas, sweet sweet Christmas” <—frm 2pm’s cake song for paris baguette

here’s a link for the mv of the SEOUL song from super junior and snsd (girl’s generation):

Anyway, Christmas is like over now, but hopefully everyone had a very safe and happy Christmas…I did~~~ well only because when I came to my computer I saw 5 hot guys saying “Meryy Christmas” to me….(its my wallpaper of big bang….hahahahahahaha….) here, I’ll post it up…(I got it thanks to <–they need ALL the credit for this little treasure….I’m probably going to keep this until like summer….lol..)


Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Christmas everyone~~~ (unless you’re like in the eastern part of the world…it was Christmas yesterday….Merry (late) Christmas~~~ <–for people in the eastern part of  the world!!! =D)


~ by gaholove on December 25, 2009.

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