My neww viiddd~~~

Sorry I didn’t update my blog yesterday…I was busy chattin’~~~~ This video is Gdragon’s This Love (from Big Bang’s ‘Big Show’ concert =D) its TOTALLY AWESOME, I HAD to make it into a song…Peoples, I recomend that you’ll actually comment on my posts and give me ideas of what to talk about…the only reason my posts are sooo short is because I literally don’t have ANYTHING to talk about…

So please be nice and give me comments of what to talk about…

Oh yeah…since today was all GD out, I officially say that December 23th is GD day~~~ =D (It’s a day when i GD it all out~~)

 <–a tiny gift from me to you~~~ =D (this is b4 heartbreaker days…I call it baskinrobins days….)

I’ll eventually find a day for each boy so don’t you worry~~~ plus on each of their birthday/day, I’ll give out a special pic~~

Oh and on August 19 (big bang’s anniversary) I’ll try to do SOMETHING~~~

In the meantime, ciao


~ by gaholove on December 23, 2009.

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