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I’ve Been Slacking Off….

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Well I’m like starting to do everything by my ipod…..and killing the battery….hahaha. Oh well.
I can’t absolutely WAIT until Wednesday because F.T. Island is releasing a Korean mini album!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

World Cup!!!! (soccer)

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Kekekeke~~~~ World Cup is on!!! For South Africa vs. Mexico (last time I checked that is….) they were 1 to 1!!! XD I probably

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Spring Break!!!!!! =D

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So it’s Spring Break!!! and I’m bored…well you can’t actually help that you’re bored during a break…as a teenager I really believe that teens need to hang with their friends, go to the mall and shop (mostly girls…), and if they have girlfriends or boyfriends they should go and have double dates, dates, and etc etc. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well then…i have homework to do but I don’t want to because i hav other good things….okay maybe not…Anyways I’m just making a quick post. Btw I hav this band thing tommorrow…..On Friday, I get to have fun!!!! ^o^

Sister Site

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Okay so right now I’m using Windows Live Writer and technically it’s not using the internet for educational purposes…..well anyways I wanted to tell you guys that I made a sister site for gaholove……it’s called Not Your Typical Asian. (Shows how I’m sooo not typical lolz) here’s the link —>

please visit!!!! (I need to make a new post though….but I’ll try to do it soon~~~~) ^^

Major stuff that is needed to do

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So lately I’ve been neglecting lots of stuff….then I noticed that I need to add tags to my posts so that more people can come to this site and read my funny humor (hehehehe) and my usual idks…hmmm what should I call them? I guess the name would be “Daily Rambles”….I guess that’s okay~~~ ^o^ so yeah….I’ve been mostly on facebook…..chyea….Oh if whoever is bored and reading my “Daily Rambles” (and have a facebook) you should join this group called Hey you in the (ie) blue shirt!!!! BEHAVE!! (the link if you’re too lazy to search it up [me…hehehehehe] —->!/group.php?gid=301937423173&ref=ts) Oh yeah, I forgot to add to my “Daily Rambles” that people who likes kpop (MEEEE~~~~ ^o^) should search in youtube, xsilvermercuryx and look for a cover likkeeeee —> sorry sorry by super junior orrrr haru haru by big bang cuz its really good….(to me…) so yeah….